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Current Agenda

The agenda for the next meeting of Mellis PC will be published not less than three clear days before the meeting. Click the links at the bottom of the page to access the current agenda and any published meeting papers/reports:


Timetable of Meetings 2020/21

Council Meeting Draft Agendas 2020/21


Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and new government instructions concerning public meetings and social distancing, the Council will not meet in public until further notice. Both the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) are asking local councils to stop holding any physical meetings during this time. This includes full council meetings, committee/sub-group meetings and the annual parish meeting. As a result, future meetings will be held remotely only for urgent issues and the meeting's agenda will therefore be kept to the minimum necessary, with emphasis on maintaining financial oversight and authorising and making payments. The Council's annual meeting will take place when physical council meetings resume.

Members of the public who are interested in attending the Council's remote meetings should email the Parish Clerk at mellisparishcouncil@gmail.com who will then share the necessary Zoom-hosted video conference meeting link on the day of the meeting. As an alternative, councillors and members of the public will also be advised how to phone in to the meeting to listen and contribute in the usual way.


Current published agenda