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Anglia Level Crossing Strategy




Network Rail is proposing changes to many rail crossings in Suffolk.  Four of those crossings are in Mellis


  • S18 Cowpasture Lane - downgrade from byway to bridleway
  • S19 Rectory Road - downgrade from highway to private farm crossing & bridleway access
  • S20 Beecrofts -close private farm crossing
  • S21 Abbotts - close foot crossing

Mellis Parish Council considered the second round of proposals for the four level crossings in Mellis at its meeting on Thursday 22 September. You can read the Council's response to Network Rail HERE.

15 December 2016:  Network Rail has published updated proposals for two crossings in Suffolk.  Neither of the changes affect the proposals for crossings in Mellis. You can read more about the December update on the Network Rail website.

30 January 2017:  Network Rail (NR) confirm that S19 Rectory Road and S20 Beecrofts have been removed from the current consultation because of issues requiring a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be completed and the need for NR to provide compensatory land of equal value to the 'common land' that would be utilised for the dedication of vehicular rights on the east and west of the crossing.  The proposals for S18 Cowpasture Lane and S21 Abbotts are not affected. 

24 March 2017:  Transport Works Act Order (TWAO) deposited 24 March 2017

Copies of the applications and supporting documents are available to view and download from the Network Rail website by clicking on the link below. The closing date for objections, representations and letters of support for the SUFFOLK crossings is 5 May 2017. 

The TWAO includes S18 Cowpasture Lane and S21 Abbotts.  Please note S19 Rectory Road and S20 Beecrofts have not been taken forward to the TWAO so are NOT part of this final stage of the process.

For more information on the project visit the Network Rail website

Alternatively you can view the documents in hard copy at various venues. The nearest to Mellis is:

Eye Library, Buckshorn Lane, Eye, IP23 7AZ.

Opening hours are as follows:

Monday  closed

Tuesday 9.30am - 1pm

Wednesday 9.30am - 1pm & 2pm - 7pm

Thursday  2pm - 5.30pm

Friday  9.30am - 1pm

Saturday 9.30am - 1pm

Sunday 10am - 3pm 



Action Timescale
Public Consultation (Final Proposal) Closed 7 Oct 2016
Transport Works Act Order application submitted to Sec of State for Transport

TWAO Suffolk documents available from 24 March 2017

Closing date for comments 5 May 2017

Public Inquiry  Nov 2017/Jan 2018
Department for Transport decision announcement  Feb/Mar 2018
Level crossing closures (where applicable)  Apr2018/Mar 2019